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I learned " Listening is sensing" as a storyteller. And listening was the first thing I learned as a storyteller, or better said: As a storyteller, listening has revealed itself to me in many different ways. Listening with all of your senses. This makes storytelling a sensual experience. I love taking people on a journey to another world and another time. And even when we immerse ourselves in a story together, the magic happens in the here and now, in togetherness.

I completed my training from 2013 to 2014 in Hamburg with Elita Carstens and then worked for the association of Storytellers Without Borders. As part of the association and in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, I travelled to Palestine in 2015 and founded the Phönix FreiZeitSchule in the same year together with Micaela Sauber and Asma Qwaider .

Since 2014, I have also been working independently as a storyteller at private celebrations such as weddings, parties, children's birthdays and at public events such as schools, kindergartens, restaurants, cafés, theaters, festivals, libraries, museums and on the street. I have cooperated with numerous musicians and to this day I love the combination of music and storytelling.

Eine Frau schaut lächelnd zum Publikum. Man sieht sie von der Seite und im Hintergrund einen Mann, der Trommel spielt.
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