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Eine Frau hat eine Mudra ähnliche Form mit ihren Händen und schaut seitlich auf ihre Finger

The search for beauty...

...has accompanied me throughout my life. As long as I danced as a hobby, dancing always gave me a feeling of joy, strength, zest for life and meaning. When I started dancing professionally, pressure and unhealthy working conditions came into play. I saw many people with great technique and perfect physiques. But I rarely found beauty.

When I sat next to a 70-year-old woman during my Feldenkrais training and watched her movements, my mouth dropped open: I was enchanted by the quality of her movements, her beauty!


I studied contemporary dance at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg , further training at the
 Tanz-Zentrale Leipzig as a dance teacher and choreographer and additional training as an oriental dancer at the Oriental Dance Academy Hamburg . I also trained Capoeira for years at the Capoeira school Arte Jogando Hamburg .

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