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Pfefferberg Theater Berlin
Sophiensaele Berlin


November 2018
April 2019


Dancer, choreographer


Lothar Knopp

"Lilith" is a combination of spoken theater and dance that includes both choreographed and improvised elements. The solo arose from the processing of a relationship and became a ritual of separation. The lyrics of the song by Bachar Mar Khalifé are about "Layla," which means "night" in Arabic and is also a very common female name. The most famous love story from the Orient revolves around Quais and Layla, a story of unrequited love like Romeo and Juliet. The name of the solo comes from the inspiring legends about Lilith, who did not want to hear anything about "God" or "Adam," a woman who fought for equality from the very beginning of history and was not afraid of lust and its temptations.

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