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Once to be realised


Director of the movement choir, performer


January 2022


German Opera Berlin


Michail Marmarinos


Olga Neuwirth, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Younghi Pagh-Paan and Christian Wolff

A woman in black, a continuum of sound interrupted by an explosion, crowds of people storming the stage, traffic lights, the deafening song of the cicadas on Chios in the midday heat, playing in an ensemble as a code for social constellations, the invocation of the metaphysically other, composing as an attempt to break with musical syntax or as "light pressure against the limits of meaning": the cosmos of the Greek composer Jani Christou is labyrinthine in the wealth of his suggestive images and designs. He goes beyond the purely musical to an integration of scene, text and image and at the same time leaves the realms of art, understanding the political and social as compositional material just as he designs compositions for specific natural landscapes and cultural spaces. And ultimately it remains a prophetic design, ONCE TO BE REALISED!

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