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Man sieht eine Frau von der Seite, die sich aus einem Plastikberg nach Hinten lehnt.

the bridge between consciousness and subconsciousness is my favorite place...

...where body and mind meet and flow is created. Art is created. Creativity flows. I first experienced this flow state 20 years ago while lucid dreaming and then found it while dancing, in training and on stage, in being with other people, in nature and while practicing the Feldenkrais Method. 

The body is our portal into this life and out again.


It was a long journey to get here. And I am very grateful that I found this portal. Now I'm here and I'll stay until my body decays and exhales me. I kept having moments when I thought I was going crazy - so much tension had built up inside me. A dance teacher once explained: "Don't be a victim of your own energy". This phrase stayed with me for a long time until I felt that my vessel had become strong enough. I am no longer a victim of my own energy. And no longer a victim of my own feelings. This is one of the most valuable things in my life and I wish everyone could have this experience. Trust and flow. The body stores everything. And at any moment we can move it, it can change. We change anyway, inevitably. Only our thought loops sometimes can't keep up. That's why it's so good to 'clear' the mind again and again by withdrawing its absolution. So that something new can emerge.


The body never lies, that has always fascinated me. We can hide, mask, play and evade with our words. The body is. In every moment. It stores every experience and tells it - even if we don't want to or can't hear it. It is the manifested subconscious and has its own logic. 


I am happy to share my accumulated knowledge of embodied experiences!

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